Be the Love

Dear Darlings,

I wanted to write a blog that was simple and silly and ridiculous. Because I am a crazy person, I am always convinced I am going to die and that while you may have another parent to care for you, you will never know all of the things that I thought or learned or knew or wanted to tell you and teach you. Your father can tell you a lot, but I want to tell you the things that are actually right and that you actually need to know. Like to buy microwaveable rice instead of attempt anything on the stove. And even if I live forever, I am too A.D.D. to remember all of the things that I discover every day to tell you when you are older, so I am writing this all down so that you can read it later. Tomorrow or in twenty years when you are in therapy and want to know why.

So I wanted to make this all fun and wonderful and full of rice advice. But I realized that it’s just not that simple. That I can’t just write things that are happy and wonderful and make you feel good all over. I have to give you real advice for life. The things that I’m actually learning every day beyond how to cook grains without burning them. And sometimes those things aren’t happy and wonderful. And as sad as it makes me to break it to you, my tiny precious children, the world can be hard sometimes. And cruel. And terrible. It can also be incredible and amazing and wonderful and I know that despite what the news tells us, it is actually inherently full of love.

So if there’s only one thing I teach you, I hope it’s that you should choose love. Be the love. If you let go of all the fear and the ego and the anger and the hurt, love is easiest. The second I met each of you, love was all I could see. And even though I think you are the most special people on the planet, I knew the moment you were born that every human on the earth entered it as pure love too. No matter who they are, who their parents are, where they are born or what color, religion, gender, sexual preference, or how many fingers or toes they have, all of us are fundamentally made of love. We just have to find it and let it all out.  

photo by Rebecca Coursey of

photo by Rebecca Coursey of

I know and trust and love that you will be the ones who will show the rest of the world how to do it. I love YOU.

Your Mother